"a budget isn't a punishment, but a plan to take control of your money and tell it where to go."

About Money & Momming™

Money & Momming was founded on May 1, 2020 to help moms alleviate the financial strains that come with motherhood. As moms we face many challenges, both expected and unexpected, which most likely come with a cost. Read more about the founder & CEO, Jasmine, and learn about the mission of Money & Momming.


The foundation of finance. I can help you build a sustainable budget that prioritizes paying yourself first!

Debt Payoff

Society tells us we will always be in debt. I'm here to tell you it's possible to pay if off.

Savings Goals

Emergencies, holidays, vacations, even a home are all made attainable and less stressful when you have savings for them.

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Any information from Money & Momming ™ is shared from my personal experiences and my own research. I am not a financial advisor or certified financial planner therefore I am not legally allowed to tell you in what, how, or when to invest. Any information discussed in coaching sessions or found on this site does not constitute as legal advice.