Our Trip to Aruba- Cost Breakdown Included

After what seemed like a 20 year long trip to hell and back, we were finally able to take a vacation!

My husband and I love to travel. Our wedding was a destination wedding. We’ve taken weekend trips, day trips, and 10 day trips. Any way we can visit a new place, eat, and spend time together makes us happy. 

We hadn’t traveled since our babymoon in November 2019 when I was pregnant with the twins. Fast forward to a NICU stay, COVID and quarantine, and home with a newborn. We didn’t see a vacation in sight.

Luckily with things opening up more, the chance to become vaccinated, and educating ourselves on how to travel responsibly in this new era, we were able to get a long weekend in a place I’ve wanted to go since I was a teen– ARUBA! You can check out my Aruba vlog here on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to my channel!

I have had my heart set on Aruba for years. It was just always so expensive. Like $2,000 per person for the times I looked. I’m all for paying for a great experience but Aruba was never in my budget until now.

And this trip was by no means “budget travel”. We actually never do anything that would intentionally fall under the budget travel category. However, we are always mindful of what we spend and attempt to get the best deals.

For our trip to Aruba we booked through a travel agent. After using one to book our wedding a few years ago it just makes for an easier process for us. I typically research the resorts and we watch YouTube videos on them before deciding, but the travel agent does the leg work of securing the pricing and giving us comparable options to make an informed decision.

Here is the cost breakdown of our trip:

  • Round trip direct flights, all-inclusive resort, private roundtrip transfers: $2,675
  • Garage parking at the airport (4 days): $64
  • Clothing/swimwear: $212
  • Braids: $120
  • Nails: $85
  • Miscellaneous: $50

Total: $3,206

How do we budget for travel? It depends on the cost of the trip and how much time we have to plan for it. Once we determine those two factors we either start a sinking fund or cash flow it. More on sinking funds can be found here.

We booked this trip in mid-March and cashflowed it. One advantage of booking with a travel agent is that most times you pay a deposit and then have some time to pay the trip off. When you do that, you can divide the cost of the trip over time and budget accordingly. Or if you can pay in full upfront even better. The key here is to pay in cash or only pay with your credit card if you are responsible enough to pay it in full during that cycle. The last thing you want is to return from a trip and still owe money.

When done intentionally, travel can be affordable and enjoyable all while building wealth. Do you have any travel plans or tips for budgeting or travel? Leave me a comment below!

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