My 2022 Goals: Setting SMART Goals for the New year

Happy New Year! For me, a new year is a fresh start to achieve something new. I reflect on the previous years and think about how I can improve in the current one. I don’t set new year’s resolutions but I do develop a list of goals for the year. I then take those goals and break those down into smaller actionable items with due dates to hold myself accountable. I try to make sure my goals follow the SMART model. 

Smart goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. I follow this model because I hate feeling like I’m working hard and getting nowhere. By setting SMART goals I am able to focus on the tasks that I need to complete to achieve the goal. So let’s break this down a little bit more…

Let’s look at this example:

I want to be debt free.


Your goal should be clear and specific. You need to think about what it is you want to accomplish, what challenges or opportunities are present, and why the goal is important. Looking at our example a more specific goal would be: I want to pay off $50,000 to become debt free.


Having a measurable goal helps you track your progress. Tracking your progress helps you stay motivated and meet your deadlines. Quantifying where you can also help. Looking at our example again: I want to pay off $50,000 to become debt free–  shows a measurable figure to chip away at.


Your goal also needs to be attainable. Ask yourself how you will achieve this goal and refer back to the challenges you identified. How will those challenges impact you achieving the goal?


This goes hand in hand with what is achievable. When it comes to financial goals you have to be realistic about your financial health and what you can afford to pay. 


Each goal needs a due date. This keeps you accountable and motivated to get things done. If we go back to our example it looks like: I want to pay off $50,000 to become debt free by December 1st.

Now that we have established how to set the goals, the next thing I do is break my goals down into five categories: Personal, Family, Health, Wealth, and Career/Business. These are the five most important categories in my life and it helps me organize my thoughts better.

Here’s a breakdown of my goals for 2022:


  • Read 22 books by end of year (stretch goal- 2 books per month)
  • Stick to self care schedule


  • Do a monthly family activity. 
  • 1 family vacation this summer
  • 1 baecation this fall


  • Lose 30 pounds by July 1st
  • Incorporate a plant-based diet
  • 1 dry month per quarter


  • Pay off consumer debt by October 1st
  • Save $25k by December 31st


  • Make $10k in Money & Momming
  • Grow all social platforms
    • Instagram to 20k
    • Youtube to 1000 subscribers
    • Podcast to 1000 downloads
  • Secure 1 brand partnership per month (stretch goal 2 per month)

I have these goals broken down into smaller actionable items like daily, weekly, and monthly to-do’s. Some of these goals scare me (like my complete career/business list and debt payoff) but if I put in the work they can be achieved.

Cheers to a prosperous and healthy new year! If you’re developing goals for the year drop me a comment and let me know what you’re working on. 

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