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Cupcakes: A catalyst for Mom Guilt?

The other night I skipped a workout to make cupcakes with my son (9). I’ve been trying to stay accountable with getting my daily tasks

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Everything You Need to Know about Sinking Funds

There are many tools and methods to help you save money. If you’re anything like me, a natural spender, the traditional answer to “how to

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529 College Savings Plans Explained: Scholar Raise

Scholar Raise is a company that empowers families to save for college with the goal to minimize student debt. They make it easy to sign up for a state-run, government backed savings plan.

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10 Things I Would Tell Myself About Being a Mom in My Early 20’s

My motherhood journey has been a beautiful, difficult, and rewarding one. However beginning it so young has affected me in ways I didn’t realize until recently having a newborn home again. As I reflect, I have a lot to say to my younger, new mom self

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Debt Payoff Strategies: Avalanche vs. Snowball

Overall, what you choose to do needs to fit your personal situation. Take a look at the types of debt you have, their balances, and how you can realistically pay it off. Below we will take at the two common strategies used to pay off debt.

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Build Your Emergency Fund Fast

An emergency fund is just as necessary as food, shelter, and clothing. You NEED one! About 7 out of 10 people cannot afford a $1,000 emergency. Do you fall in this statistic? If you do, don’t be ashamed! You can make a change.

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