Jasmine Tillery

Founder & CEO

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I’m a wife, mom, and engineer who loves all things personal finance! I am a Netflix and wine enthusiast, I love the beach, and I found my passion in helping other women become financially literate. 

Since starting Money & Momming ™ with just an idea and a few Instagram posts about my family’s debt free journey, it’s now blossomed into a robust platform with a passion dedicated to personal finance education and motherhood. I found a passion in helping people get on track with their finances as well as provide relatable resources for parents. 

When it comes to finance and family I have been through many unique situations such as being a teen mom, graduating college debt free, acquiring debt in graduate school, navigating finances as a single parent, combining finances (and debt) and blending our family with my husband, developing budget, debt payoff and savings plans, twin pregnancy, infant loss, budgeting with irregular income due to maternity leave, and breastfeeding/pumping. Through it all I have been able to fail sometimes and learn a lesson of what not to do or succeed and continuously improve my methods.

My goal for Money & Momming ™ is to provide a community of resources for anyone experiencing similar situations to mine and need help navigating them. I want to help you be confident and in control of your finances in order to be prepared for whatever comes your way but to also enjoy what you work hard for.




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