3 Budget Tips for hot girl summer

The weather is warmer. You’re vaxxed, waxed, and ready to go outside. But are your pockets prepared?

#HotGirlSummer is here and whatever variation you’re partaking in — #HotWifeSummer & #HotMomSummer included — you definitely don’t want to be broke because that’s no fun.

Here are 3 tips to get your budget ready:

  1. Budget for fun – The obvious tip here, but so many women I talk to do not give themselves room in their budget for fun. Especially the moms. They will give me every category, have hundreds, sometimes thousands, leftover to go towards extra savings or debt, but do not put themselves in their own budget. Listen, what is wealth building without enjoying some of your money on the way? I’m not saying to blow through what extra you have for the sake of having a good time. However, give yourself an allowance for fun that is realistic but will still allow you to contribute to your goals.
  1. Choose daytime activities – Daytime activities tend to be cheaper than nightlife activities. Lunch is cheaper than dinner. A beach or a pool day is a low cost way to get out but allows you to be budget conscious. 
  1. Save ahead for bigger expenses – If you know my love for sinking funds then you knew this was coming. Don’t know what a sinking fund is? Check out this post. If you plan on taking a trip, getting tickets to a show, or splurging on a day/night out, start saving some money for it now. That way it lessens the blow your budget would take if you had to cashflow it all at once. 

Another tip to consider: Avoid using your credit cards if you know you’re not responsible enough to pay it in full. DO NOT go into debt to fund your fun. For more information about debt and credit check out this video.

Wishing you all a happy, safe, hot summer! 

What other money tips would you include?

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